I already begin by explaining that I am not a "hater" of Apple, quite the contrary. First because I will be very careful in what I speak; secondly because at home everything has always been Apple (AppleTV, MacMini, iMac, Mac Remote, Ipod, Ipod Touch, Ipod Nano, Ipod Shuffle, Ipads, Ipad Mini, 5 Iphones, Macbook Pro, Mac Book Air and a bunch of other accessories ranging from automotive adapters to backpacks). And it is exactly for liking it so much, it hurts me what I have to say: 

 It all started seven years ago with the launch of the first iPhone. It was something that changed the world and made me be faithful to it. I even wrote "The Gospel of Apple." Anyone who watched this exciting presentation of Steve Jobs certainly never forgot the catchphrases and gasped with "we are a generation ahead of any company."  It turns out that one day he died and "a generation" passed ... The next president, Tim Cook- current CEO of Apple Inc. since August 2011, it seems not actually replaced The Genius and the products were becoming less innovative and nothing revolutionary. "What was the last great revolution Apple?" Lucas Peixoto.
  Despite this, even on the image (overvalued) created, Iphone was becoming more "mainstream" and today became fashion, not a pioneer or differential-conceptual, but a status. This status prevailing in a teens (mostly non-technical) group of people. And as with most people, I always thought "I'm with Apple, everything else is worse." This arrogant ignorance kept me away from all the new technologies and my arguments were always the same:

  •  Synchronization between devices
  • Durability · 
  • More options of apps · 
  • Best Touch screen ·
  • More intuitive commands
  • The most liar: "no bugs" · 
  • And the most famous "no virus" ...  
  Yeah... arguments of people like me, without any instruction on the subject (or never really wanted to know about it). After four months of intensive research and interviewing my friends and many professionals, I found apps for all the functions "that only Apple"  possessed. More than that, I managed to accomplish everything BETWEEN different brands and the apple! I DISCOVERED THE TRUTH THAT I WAS NOT THINKING "OUTSIDE OF THE BOX-as they sell it- BUT INSIDE OF IT". 

 "Out there" I found laptops and desktops with touch screens, gesture commands, voice commands in Portuguese, synchronization with TVs without having to buy a device (AppleTV), devices resistent to dust and waterproof, with screens divide into two independently, smart watches and bracelets with screens with better cameras than the iPhone (yes .. the watch has better camera. imagine the phone), it measures (real) heart rate, open systems independent of a program or ID, unbelievable cameras which work in the dark, batteries that last for almost 2 days (!!) and revolutionary widgets. Ah! And the colorful notificationsof the Led! Oh my goodness! By the color of the led I know what's going on without having to pick up the device.  

Then I started thinking about ridiculous things of mine with my Iphones: 

  • To buy a waterproof cover, leaving the cell phone gigantic, with bad sound and touch.
  • To buy a cover with attached battery because the battery does not last
  • Use the damn ball accessibility because the buttons break 
  • Staying with the dark screen to preserve battery 
  • Every time closing applications to preserve battery · 
  • Not having the possibility of passing a song or an archive for a friend because the data bluetooth is fake.
  • You can not even put a song as a ringtone without paying for it 
  • Having to send messages in English because Siri does not know my country (Brazil). Even though it is the most expensive Iphone of the world -Bloomberg Magazine of September· 
  • Keeping a ridiculous plastic film because otherwise the screen gets scratched.  
  • Not being able to connect my iphone in somebody elses Itunes without losing my songs.
  • When the background is with light, either I'm at the picture with a white background or the background is good, with me in black.
  And much more .. And the worst, thinking that "'I'm the best" huh .. after all, I have an Iphone. 
Not to mention that Apple fans do not know that many of the resources are COPIED ridiculously from other brands, and are bragging about them. (lower and upper menu, shortcuts and notifications, quick Type, interactive notifications and shortcut to favorite contacts for example ..). 
  Then you might be thinking ..."but now it's gonna come out the iPhone 6! Ok, I also had this hope, but since the Iphone 4 nothing much has happened... and it has already gone out the 4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S and nothing ... And with this poorness it costs 3000 reais ( around 1200 dollars ), if they achieve the competitors in hardware and software this year (very optimistic view), the price will still not be worth trying it. And the main problem is not only the cost of the investment, but the return it brings! The "flagship" (tops) of the other brands are even more expensive, HTC1, for example, but are worth still worth it. And I'm not saying they are perfect! There are things I do not like them, no doubt, but the balance is MUCH more positive. You just have to think out of the box and get to know the truth behind the myths. That is, if you do not need a self-affirmation brand.  

Anyways, as to computers, I'm still with the OS Mavericks, I like the logics and I got used to it. But for the mobile phones nowadays I have an Xperia Z2 Waterproof (1m / 30 '), with digital TV, radio, 3200mAh battery, smart bracelet (also waterproof), 20.7MP camera (8MP against the Iphone 5S), shooting 4K, Scratch-resistant screen of 5.2 does not break or scratch, headphones with external noise cancellation, the front camera FullHD (selfie), total connectivity with ANYTHING and a completely "customizable" layout. Programs like Bridge for Mac Sony, Spotify and EverNote supply all my needs for accessibility, productivity and data synchronization, handily.  Ah! I have 128Gb of memory against expanded agains the 64Gb of the toppest Iphone.

Live with it ...

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